Oxime - ZeroHrz

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  • 1. Ultrasonic3:36Download
  • 2. Get Up3:42Download
  • 3. Green Acid3:14Download
  • 4. Ragnarök3:06Download
  • 5. Nameless2:04Download
  • 6. Dig,Dag,Dug2:57Download
  • 7. Aidilein2:32Download
  • 8. LawlWut?3:41Download
  • 9. Sparkley Sky3:01Download
  • 10. Lost Souls4:25Download
  • 11. Late Nights2:54Download
Other Songs

  • The Other Side3:59Download
  • Wolfsblut3:44Download
  • Makro3:32Download
  • Goodie4:38Download
  • Crocodile4:15Download
  • Omega2:45Download

Terms of Use:

My music can be used in any way. It may be downloaded, burned, distributed, played in public, etc.

The only things you may NOT do are the following:
  • You may NOT claim that my music was produced by anyone other than myself.
  • You may NOT sell my music for any form of profit. If you paid money in order to obtain my music, you have been scammed and should try to get your money back immediately.

Also, if you use my music for any projects, etc., I'd love to hear about it and some credit would be nice. :]